What Do I Need For My First Period?

What Do I Need For My First Period?

Tips for dealing with the great unknown: When will my first period happen?


A lot of worry could be avoided if girls got a little note card in the mail a few weeks before their first period announcing the time and date of menarche. Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn't always so considerate. While every girl wants to know when her first period will happen so she can prepare, there's no way to know exactly when it will show up.


Most girls will get their first period between ages 8 and 14, but it can happen earlier or later. Several other signs of puberty often show up before a girl's first period, including breast development and pubic hair growth. Many girls will also experience a vaginal discharge in the months leading up to their first period. This discharge is clear to white and usually odorless.


While this type of discharge is the sign of a normal, healthy body, it can be inconvenient to girls. To keep underwear clean, girls can begin using panty liners when discharge starts appearing. Not only will this help prevent a mess, it's a good way to prepare for the day that your period arrives. Part of the worry many girls have about their first period is being caught by surprise in a public place like school. With a little preparation, even a surprise visit from Mother Nature won't ruin your day.


So how can girls prepare for their periods if they don't know when they'll show up? Start wearing period panties and panty liners before your first period.


It's helpful to know how to use panty liners, sanitary pads, and period panties before your first period arrives. This will make that day much less stressful, and will give you the advantage if you already have some experience. By using liners and period panties to manage pre-menarche vaginal discharge, you'll learn how to wear liners and pads comfortably. A lot of stress and worry from a girl's first period is from wearing a liner for the first time. It's far easier to start wearing one to protect you from a little bit of discharge than from something much more noticeable like menstrual blood.


Also, if you already own a few pairs of period panties and a supply of liners or pads, you'll have everything you need when your period does show up. No late night run to the grocery store or frantic trip to the school nurse necessary.


So if you're concerned about when your first period might show up, take a weight off your mind by getting yourself prepared. With the right tools and a little practice, you'll never need to worry about the “when” and “where” of your first menstrual cycle.


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