How To Put On A Pad

How To Put On A Pad

Did you know most people are wearing a sanitary pad all wrong? 95% of women underwear are not made to accommodate the proper wear of a maxi-pad. If you are the proud owner of our Ruby Love period underwear, then there is nothing you need to learn because they automatically secure your pad properly, and absorb leaks so you do not stain your clothes. For others who do not own Ruby Love period undies, here is everything you need to know about putting in a pad.


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If you're just starting to use sanitary pads, you may be wondering exactly how to wear them. Just follow the simple steps below.


1. Wash your hands.

It's important to make sure you're not exposing yourself to any germs, so always wash your hands before putting on a pad.


2. Get Comfortable.

Most women find that sitting on a toilet is the easiest and most comfortable way to insert or change a sanitary pad. Bring your panties down to just below your knees, so it'll be easy to pop in your pad.


3. Open The Package.

Most sanitary pads will come wrapped in plastic. Often the plastic is in a packet form, so you can unfold and open the plastic without removing the adhesive cover. If possible, don't remove the cover strip until you're ready to place the pad into your panties.


4. Press It In.

You'll want to put your pad in so that it covers the right area. If it's your first time wearing a pad, it may be helpful to set the pad in your panties with the adhesive cover still in place to keep it from sticking. Put your panties back in place, and adjust the pad until you feel like you're properly covered. Carefully bring your underwear down again and see where the pad is. That's where you want to place it.


5. Press It In.

When you know where you want to place the pad, remove the adhesive cover to expose the sticky part on the back of the pad. If your pad has wings, leave their cover on for now. With the adhesive exposed, simply press your pad into your panties. The adhesive will help hold the pad in place. If you're wearing PantyProp panties, they'll have a special center panel design to help hold your pad in place as well.


6. Wing It.

Some pads have adhesive flaps, known as wings, that help secure a pad to a standard pair of panties (wings are not needed when wearing period panties). Once your pad is pressed into place, you can then remove the adhesive cover to the wings. Simply fold the wings under your panties and apply pressure to make sure the adhesive sticks.


7. Disposal

When you are ready to change your pad, sit down as you did earlier when putting the new pad in. Pull the used pad out, fold it, and wrap it in toilet paper before putting it in the trash. Never put sanitary pads in the toilet – it'll cause an almost instant clog. If the restroom you're in doesn't have a receptacle inside the stall, throw it away in the paper towel can.


Helpful Tips:

  • Keep a pad in your purse even when you're not expecting your period, so you won't be caught off guard by an early period or spotting.
  • If you're worried about your pad being damaged, or if you don't want others to see them whenever you open your purse, use a medium sized change purse to keep them protected and out of sight.

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