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December 17, 2015

Combine success+beauty+empowerment,

You have a woman who has no limits. PantyProp+Kanya Sesser


If  you thought getting through the day on your period was hard enough, how about getting through the day without legs? This is the challenge 23-year old lingerie model and all-around-phenom Kanya Sesser faces, born without legs and abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. Adopted at the age of five and taken to live in Portland with her adoptive parents, Kanya landed her first modeling gig at age 15 with Billabong – and now devotes her life to proving that nothing can get in the way of achieving your dreams, starting with life’s everyday moments. 

Which is why Kanya has partnered with PantyProp, the new functional underwear designed to work with pads and panty liners for worry-free wear during that time of the month, or anytime, on an empowering “Everyday (Un)Altered” photo series. Shot by Los Angeles based photographer Robert Parrish, the series of five powerful images showcases Kanya wearing PantyProp underwear while going through various everyday at-home moments, from brushing her teeth to reading a book to taking a nap — proof that no matter what life throws your way, big or small, nothing can get in the way of mastering life’s daily moments, tasks and challenges. “With core missions aligned to empower women to live their best life, everyday, we are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Kanya on this photo series. Whatever challenges life hands you, from starting your period at an inopportune moment to living life with a physical difference, we hope these images will inspire women to master their day (un)altered; with courage, humor and confidence.” said Crystal Etienne, PantyProp Founder. 

For the woman who wears pads or panty liners, it would be an understatement to say that getting through that time of the month (or anytime) is a frustrating experience. The constant shifting, movement or dreaded leg-sticking from pads isn’t just uncomfortable, but anxiety-inducing. And it’s no surprise why this happens. As a garment, underwear isn’t inherently designed to accommodate pads and panty liners. Reversely, it’s the pad’s responsibility to somehow try and fit to the underwear, resulting in the aforementioned malfunctions.

Until now. Effectively eliminating the underwear + feminine care dichotomy, PantyProp is the first undergarment solution brand to specifically design its silhouettes to accommodate pads in the first place. A patent-pending double layered crotch panel lined with Dri-tech mesh does just this, acting as a discreet compartment that a) secures and tucks pads into place b) prevents pads from moving or shifting and c) conceals pads from ever being seen. Launching this past November with two Underwear silhouettes (Hipster and Bikini), the brand has just unveiled Tank and Long Sleeve Bodysuits and will debut Hosiery this Spring. 

Not just for periods, PantyProp undergarments are the perfect solution for women of all ages who wish to wear a pad or panty liner anytime. The brand’s underwear, bodysuits and soon-to-come hosiery offer worry-free wear with any outfit, for any occasion – whether hitting the gym or headed to class, going on a first date or walking down the aisle, going to an interview or leading a boardroom meeting, or simply for overnight sleeping. PantyProp styles are available from $18.99 online at pantyprop.com



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