Can Be

Easier Party!

October 19, 2019

New York City

Presented By Ruby Love

The Biggest Puberty Party Ever!


Join us for a FREE event to educate families about puberty and especially periods! Complete with food, music and fun activities.

- Make your own FREE First Period Kit -

- On-site gynecologist and dermatologist for Q&A -

- Learn best hygiene practices -

Interactive period hack station -

- Photobooth and plenty of instagramable moments -

- Free giveaways throughout the event -

Learn everything you and your tween need to know about puberty and

create some awesome moments you will never forget!


October 19, 2019


New York, New York

About Us

Ruby Love is the leader in period protection with our teen period underwear, period swimwear and first period kits. We believe that periods should never stop teens from doing, being and going.