Double-Sided Pads 8-Pack | Ruby Love

Double-Sided Pads 8-Pack

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Stay prepared with this double-sided pad bundle, and make period days easier! Say hello to the newest wonder in leak prevention! Meet Ruby Love�s new reusable Double-Sided Pads! It�s like TWO pads in one. Both sides absorbs. When one side gets full, flip the pad for double the use.


Made with ultra-soft 100% cotton and super-absorbent cashmere wool. No leaks, stains, odors or itchy fabrics. No noisy crinkly wrappers! Eco-friendly, low-cost and machine washable. Made in the USA.


  • Double-Sided Pads are designed to perfectly fit Ruby Love Underwear, Sleep Pant, BodySuit and Legging gussets. They are thinner and less bulky than current market regular sanitary pads.