Bliss Seamless Period Underwear Teen Bundle | 3pc

Bliss Seamless Period Underwear Teen Bundle | 3pc

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Bundle colors are chosen at random.


Look and feel beautiful on your period. Our Ruby Love Period Underwear stretches and conforms to your curves so you can be confident and worry-free, for days! Save money, save time, & save the stains with this bundle of leak-free period underwear.


*Colors selected at random. This set comes with 3 pairs of period underwear in the style of your choice (hipster or bikini).

This bundle will keep you protected through your entire menstrual cycle. Ruby Love Bliss seamless collection period panties give full coverage with a stitch-free design in second skin fabric. No uncomfortable waistbands or bunching, so you feel nothing but comfortable, leak-proof and worry free!


Our Ruby Love undies can be worn alone or with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup depending on your flow. Our underwear are100% maximum leak-proof protection and discreet.


Machine wash on cold no softener or bleach. Low tumble or hang dry. Do not iron!


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