The Truth About Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is an organization that often gets a bad reputation these days. Many people correlate it to being only about abortion when in fact only about 3% of the medical service the administration provides. The truth is that Planned Parenthood does many things that benefit women in several ways. The administration offers contraceptives, free testing for sexually transmitted diseases, educational services on sex and pregnancy, testing for breast cancer or other types of cancer, and prenatal assistance. This is just some of what is offered for bettering women's health.

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Planned Parenthood was established in 1916, which makes the administration a lot older than most people probably thought that it would be. It was started in an effort to protect and educate both men and women on safe sex practices and offer affordable medical attention to those who need it. The main focus of Planned Parenthood is preventative care. This means that the organization is intended on preventing unwanted pregnancy and prevent the passing of sexually transmitted diseases. It is recorded that 80% of all women who visit one of the Planned Parenthood centers comes to receive some sort of preventative care such as contraceptives. The organization claims to prevent at least 579,000 unwanted pregnancies a year. This is good as having a baby before the parents are ready can cause great hardships on both the parents and the kids. It also can lead to health complications in the mother due to health conditions or age. It could potentially save the mother's life by preventing her from being pregnant until a later time where her medical conditions can be treated.

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The organization also does a variety of tests for women. They provide STD tests to help a woman find out if she has disease, which can be crucial in getting quick medical attention if she does. It is estimated that it conducts more that 4 million tests a year helping women reach the medical attention that they need. Planned Parenthood also provides PAP tests and breast exams helping woman find out early on if they have signs of cancer so that they can receive proper medical attention and hopefully save their lives. Early treatment can often be the most important factor to treating cancer. Planned Parenthood has done a lot of good for women throughout history and has saved many lives. The reputation that it has gained in recent years from the media is often misleading on what the organization actually does.

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