What are fibroid, and why do people have them?

They are actually tumors made of smooth muscle tissue that grow in and around your womb. The majority of these tumors are completely harmless, but they can cause problems in some cases.

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Many women find it extremely difficult to get answers on what causes their fibroid, as doctors don't really know. Scientists have linked fibroid to excess estrogen, but apart from that, they can tell you what type of fibroid you have, where it's located and how large it is, but this information is not going to be very useful for shrinking it. Uterine fibroid can sometimes be harmful to women, causing problems that range from pain and bleeding to miscarriages and infertility. The most common symptom is heavy uterine bleeding that occurs during the menstrual period. A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus, and is believed to be a permanent solution to fibroid. Unfortunately, a hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure, which can have devastating effects on your long-term health, so it's not to be taken lightly. and surgery, which is a risky option, as in rare occasions, surgery can damage the uterus or other nearby organs. There are rarer cases of fibroid growing in the uterine cavity after a hysterectomy. Thankfully, there are alternatives, for example, an organic remedy called Fibroid Clear which shrinks fibroid by balancing hormones. You can also do a 28 day organic body cleanse kit, to detox the toxins that cause fibroid to grow, all without side effects. A common surgical fibroid treatment option is uterine artery embolization. What this procedure accomplishes is a blocking of the blood flow to the fibroid. A radiologist performs this procedure on a woman who is sedated, yet conscious throughout the procedure. A small incision is made near the groin and a catheter is inserted into the artery that supplies the uterus with blood. That catheter is then pushed down the artery until it arrives at the uterus. Once contact is made with the uterus, an injection is put into the catheter, which is a mixture of x ray dye and tiny plastic particles. These effectively block the supply of blood to the fibroid. This fibroid treatment may have an effect on a woman's ability to bear children in the future. This specific treatment can cause increased cramping, intense pain medication needs and a stay in the hospital. Although this option for fibroid treatment is proven to lessen the symptoms of fibroids, some women can suffer from side effects and around 27 percent of those women will suffer from a return of their fibroid in six years time from this treatment.

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