Myth Buster: Will Drinking Green Tea Make My Period Come Faster?

At some point, most women would like to reschedule their period. There may be a vacation or important event coming up that menstruation will make more difficult, so women look for ways to have their cycle start (and end) earlier. In some cases, if a period is late, a woman may want to induce it to get back on schedule. A number of new myths and old wives tales on natural ways to make one's period come faster have found their way onto the internet. Some are based in fact, others were founded in psuedo science.

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One of these proposed ways to make one's period come faster is by drinking green tea. According to the belief, drinking several cups of tea will cause a woman's period to hurry along and arrive sooner than expected. But is there any truth to this? And if not, how did this idea get started?

It is true that high levels of green tea (such as those brought on by taking green tea supplements) can affect hormone levels in women, but even very high supplement levels haven't been shown to have any impact on menstruation. Simply drinking a handful of cups of green tea per day will not affect one's period, and cannot cause it to come early.

The effects of green tea on estrogen are not well-researched yet, and though there have been some tentative correlations to green tea consumption and the age at which prepubescent girls reach puberty, no substantial research has been done. All that is known right now is that there is no cause-and-effect between early menstruation and drinking green tea. Additionally, the amount of tea a woman or girl needs to drink in order to affect her hormones is far higher than normal daily consumption.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and other health benefits, so drinking it regularly is recommended for overall health. However, for those who are trying to reschedule their periods, more reliable methods certainly exist. Some at-home herbal remedies are based in science, but it's always preferable to consult with a healthcare provider instead of trying DIY home remedies, as these can become dangerous if not applied properly.


The most recommended way of scheduling one's menstrual cycle is by hormonal therapy, such as the birth control pill. If you'd prefer a non-pharmaceutical approach, acupuncture has been found to induce late periods in some women, though there isn't enough statistical data to have a reliable percentage of how many women are able to regulate their cycles this way.

It's also important to note that if you think you might be pregnant, you should not attempt any home remedies for inducing menstruation, whether your period is early or late. Improperly applied methods can be dangerous and in rare and extreme situations could even induce a miscarriage, which could cause significant bodily harm. Instead, if you think there's a possibility of pregnancy, take a reliable pregnancy test first to ensure that this is not the case.


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