What Exactly Are Period Panties?

What Exactly Are Period Panties?

Period panties have been getting a lot of attention lately, particularly in online media. But what exactly are they, and what do they do?

For most of us, “period panties” are the unattractive underwear you save for your period, because you won't be too sad if they get stained. Well, there's a new definition now, thanks to some innovative retailers who said, “Enough.”

Put simply, period panties are panties designed to accommodate a woman's menstrual cycle. Most brands offer an absorbent layer to prevent leaks should a sanitary napkin or tampon fail. Some have even come out with diaper-like underwear that actually collects and holds menstrual blood in the panty itself.

Of course, at Ruby Love, we have our own idea of what the ideal period panty is.

Adding a layer of absorbent fabric is incredibly helpful, as it protects a woman's clothes against leaks. Can you imagine not being afraid to wear white during that time of the month? It sounds pretty good. But we didn't think extra absorbency in itself was enough. What about pad visibility? What about the dreaded wriggling sanitary napkin? What about all the ways pads can make themselves uncomfortable and unsightly throughout the day? Clearly, there was more work to be done. So we did it.

Our period panties include a highly effective extra-absorbent layer, but they also have a specially-designed center panel to hold sanitary pads in place. Weak adhesive and flapping wings are no longer a necessary evil. Just prop your pad in the fabric grip and it'll stay secure until you remove it. Want to go for a run? Go ahead. With Ruby Love period panties, your pad will never stand in your way again.

We've also got you covered when it comes to discretion. Ever since women threw off their long skirts and multiple layers of petticoats, they've had to find ways to hide the fact that they're wearing pads. Loose, heavy jeans will usually do the trick, but if you're athletic or work in an office, that's not typically an option. Now decades of trouble have been eliminated by a single brand of period panties. Ruby Love's patented design keeps your pad discreet, so you can wear workout clothes or business slacks without fear.

Then there's the issue of thigh chafing. The sad truth is that sagging pads, wayward napkin wings, and the normal shifting of over-burdened underwear can all cause chafing that ranges from mildly irritating to completely intolerable. Unfortunately, chafing is so common and accepted that most women take it for granted. But the same Ruby Love features that hold your pad in place and keep it invisible also prevent chafing. So put away your skin-soothing lotion. With us, it's total comfort or nothing.

And finally, unlike some other brands, our period panties are breathable and help to keep you cool. We don't use any plastics as a method for preventing leaks; just superb design and construction. By keeping our panties 100% fabric, we keep you safe from the discomfort and possible health concerns related to a lack of air circulation.

So, to answer the question, “what are,” we conclude with this: all period underwear is not created equal. While all period panties help women to some degree, Ruby Love panties are the only ones available that offer five fold protection from leaks, shifting, chafing, pad visibility, and discomfort.

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