Teen Period Swimwear Ruffle Set | Beach Bum

Product Description

Swim and surf worry-free and in style with our Ruffle Two Piece Period Swimsuit featuring Ruby Love's leak-proof technology, so you can swim, paddleboard, surf or just lounge on the sand all day. It's Period Swimwear designed specifically for water activity.

The built-in absorbent liner bikini bottom can be worn alone, with a pad, tampon or menstrual cup - 100% maximum leak-proof and discreet.

Fit: Modern rise.

Fabric: suit is 80% nylon, 20% spandex; leak-proof liner is 2 layers of 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh.



Function & Technology

Patent-Pending Ruby Love Technology: Smart, intuitive design. The built-in absorbent gusset is perfectly angled to collect your flow immediately, ensuring stain-free comfort. It can be worn with your cup, tampon or a pad. Sanitary pads are locked in and securely held in place in the dri-tech mesh gusset.

What you do get: Security, comfort, peace of mind and complete discretion - you can't see any unsightly bumps from the outside. It's like you're not even wearing a pad.

What you don't get: Leaks, slips, chafing. Plastic, Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), plastic. Embarrassing odors.


Machine wash and dry on low heat; do not use fabric softener. Made in the USA.

How does the leak-proof swimwear work?

Ruby Love's leak-proof swimwear and materials was made specifically for water activity. It features a built-in absorbent liner and proprietary technology that's angled perfectly to collect your flow immediately onset before it travels. It can be worn with or without protection, depending on your flow - flow is very unexpected, so we do suggest to maintain your flow as normal. It can be used along with pads, tampons, or cups. If using with a pad, the pad will be discreet and secured perfectly in place underneath to collect additional flow and it will remain correctly intact.

The swimwear's fabrics are fully functional and discreet, and it was made to be worn all day during water activities. It can be worn in pool or beach water, for any activity level.