Period Sleepwear Onesie | Snoozin  - Ruby Love
Period Loungewear Onesie | Snoozin' - Ruby Love
Period Loungewear Onesie | Snoozin'
Period Loungewear Onesie | Snoozin'

Period Loungewear Onesie | Snoozin'


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Product Description

Nighttime leaks and sleeping on towels are a thing of the past with our Ruby Love onesie. These lightweight PJs are cut from super soft jersey that feels great against your skin and features our built in period proof gusset to ensures a full night of worry-free sleep - whether you snooze on your side, front or back (or even with one leg dangling off the bed), you are fully covered. 

Featuring patented Ruby Love technology, our Sleepsuit can be worn with a pad, a tampon, menstrual cup or alone depending on your flow - 100% leak-proof protection and discreet. It works especially well with our Ruby Love reusable Double-Sided Pad. 

Fit: For a more secure fit, we suggest sizing down. 

Fabric: Sleep Pant is 92 cotton and 8% spandex; leak-proof gusset is 2 layers of 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh.

Made in the USA.



No underwear needed.

Function & Technology

Ruby Love: Patented Technology: Smart, intuitive design. The built-in absorbent gusset is perfectly angled to collect your flow immediately, ensuring stain-free comfort. It can be worn with a cup, tampon, pad or, better yet, Ruby Love's double-sided, reusable pad. The pad is locked in safely and securely held in place in the dri-tech mesh gusset.

What you do get: Security, comfort, peace of mind and complete discretion you can't see any unsightly bumps from the outside. It's like you're not even wearing a pad.

What you don't get: Leaks, slips, chafing. Plastic, Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), plastic. Embarrassing odors.


Care: Machine wash and dry on low heat; do not use fabric softener. Lasts up to 3 years.

Drying on high heat will cause your PantyProp (and any other underwear, for that matter) to discolor and lose its shape.