Ruby Love Webinar

Are you ready to have the talk with your daughter?

Join us for our three part learning event hosted by various world-renowned doctors, advocates, and experts within the period and puberty space! Click here to sign up.

Each topic will strive to educate attendees on the importance of women’s health and touch on the matters of period product alternatives, period poverty and more. Attendees will leave better equipped at understanding various aspects about the women’s body and how to make a sustainable difference.

Ruby Love believes your period should never stop you from doing, being and going which is why this year we will be matching each attendees purchase with a donation to period poverty.

Session 1: How the Body Changes During Puberty

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive Puberty Road Map showcased by Trish Hutchison, MD, FAAP who will discuss several misconceptions surrounding how the body changes while on your period.

Session 2: Your Menstrual Cycle

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insight from Dr. Erin Cook who will discuss the menstrual cycle, excretions, feminine care products, and more. 

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Session 3: Dump Your Old Period Products for These

Sustainability advocate, Diandra Marizet, will walk attendees through the staggering rates of period poverty, sustainable period products, and the benefits of reusable, organic products.

Meet Your Host!

Vanessa Siverls is the Founder & CEO of BUPeriod P.B.C, an early-stage startup in femtech, that provides innovative menstrual health products and services for girls, women and all who menstruate who may be at risk for heavy flow causing iron deficiency anemia.