The 5 Worst Times to Get Your Period and How to Deal With It

The 5 Worst Times to Get Your Period and How to Deal With It

You’re out and about having a great time, right? You freeze because something starts to feel off. Before your eyes even have time to widen in alarm, you realize that you’re getting your period. If you’re lucky, this might happen while you’re in the comfort of your own home, but often times, you’re out of your house and without any feminine hygiene products. Instead of allowing yourself to be out of luck, let’s countdown all the worst times to get your period and how to deal with it.




Is there anything worse than getting your period during sex? Probably not! As you’re handling your business, you feel a little more moisture down there than normal. In a situation like this, there’s not much you could do! Whether your partner freaks out or not, your period is obviously a natural part of life so just remind them that hey, it happens!




If you’re at the gym or out for a run, getting your period can definitely put a damper on your exercise. For those who are dealing with this problem at the gym, moving forward, you should keep your gym bag stocked with a few products! If you’re someone who likes to go for a run, choosing products like PantyProp would be beneficial. Instead of worrying about leaking during a run, selecting a comfortable period panty can take future worries away.




You’re dancing the night away until you feel yourself get your period. This could definitely end your night badly, especially if you have no hygiene products with you. Don’t let this happen! When you’re headed out to a party, a tampon or a pad should always be on your list of must-haves. All you need to do is quietly sneak away to the bathroom and handle your business!


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Getting your period at the pool could be an extremely embarrassing thing. There’s a myth flying around where many people believe that your period stops in a pool. While the pressure can control your flow from escaping your body, your period certainly doesn’t stop! Before you allow yourself to deal with a mistake like this, if you know your period is coming, be sure to hit that chlorine-filled water with a tampon in place or period swimwear.




Getting your period thousands of miles in the sky can seem like a nightmare, especially if you think about using the bathroom in a moving airplane. Before you head out for your flight, think about wearing a panty liner for your trip. If you get your period while on the flight, the panty liner should hold you over until you land!


Our menstrual cycle isn’t a fun thing to deal with, especially when you think about all the symptoms that come with it. While you might have to deal with headaches, fatigue, cramps, and more, no one can forget the bleeding. We all hope that we can manage it, but sometimes it’s hard to especially when your period sneaks up on you. Instead of allowing yourself to have a wardrobe malfunction, follow these tips the next time you step out of your house.


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