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Pool Bag Essentials: Everything You Need to Enjoy the Pool This Summer

Summer's here, and the sun's out! Just perfect for a fun day at the pool! You can't wait to head for the water and spend quality time with family and friends. Oh, the bliss of kicking your feet back while sipping a delicious piña colada and enjoying a good read. So get that vacation vibe on with these pool bag essentials and enjoy a great splash this summer.

Choosing Your Pool Bag

First off, you'll need something to drop everything in. Getting this part is super important. It's so easy to forget or misplace things without a good bag that can help you stay organized. To help you find that perfect pool pouch, we've listed a couple of things you'd want to look for in shopping for one:

  • Make it mesh. A mesh bag is lightweight, stretchy, durable, reusable, and machine-washable. Plus, it can carry a lot of weight, so it's very convenient as a carry-all for all the stuff you need to bring for the day.
  • The more pockets, the merrier. Having plenty of deep and big pockets allows for specific storage space for each item so they're not all jumbled up together.
  • Have at least one zippered pocket to ensure that your most important items like phones and keys don't fall out.
  • The closure should be easy. It can be frustrating for zipper closures to get stuck, delaying your fun time. So check for ease in opening.
  • A foldable find is ideal. If your bag is foldable, storage is easier and simpler.
  • Look for dual-purpose deals. It would be great if your pool bag could double as a beach bag, meaning it's big enough without looking bulky.
  • Include a waterproof zipper pouch. This can be handy for keeping things like cash and pool tags that can easily be damaged.

Pool Bag Essentials

1. Easy-to-forget items

These are some things that you can easily take for granted since they're usually not on your shopping list.

  • Change of Clothes

A fresh set of clothes to change into after your pool time seems to be the last thing you'd forget—but it does happen! To prevent this, always have a stash of clothes in the trunk in case of a "forgetful" emergency.

  • Cash

How often have you looked for bills and loose change in your car because the kids wanted refreshments? Remember that you may also need to bring cash to pay for parking or get something from local shops that don't take credit cards. Keep at least $20 to $50 handy.

  • Wet Bag

Waterproof wet bags can keep your used towels and swimsuits separate from your other items that need to stay dry. While you can use plastic bags, they can sometimes leak, dampening all your things一and your style.

  • Wipes

Your ordinary wipes can be a lifesaver. Who knows what "little accidents" you may encounter during pool time. A pack of wipes can be your BFF, able to take care of almost everything from runny noses to toilet paper emergencies.

2. The Quintessential Beach Towel

It isn't likely that you'll forget your towels. But did you know that bringing the perfect one can make your pool time so much more enjoyable? Here's a simple checklist of what to look for:

  • It's in the right size. Find one that's large and long enough so you can protect your skin if the lounge chairs are hot to the touch. A good-sized towel can also fit your kids comfortably when they're taking a pool break or having snacks.
  • Look for microfiber towels. They're made from porous fabric that's absorbent and dries quickly, about ten times faster than your regular cotton towels. They're also lightweight and less dense, so that they won't take up a lot of space in your pool or beach bag.

3. First Aid Kit 

Even if it's a fine, sunny day, some unpleasant things can come up, like cuts and scrapes, even allergies and headaches. Always be ready with a carefully planned first-aid kit that includes the following:

  • Bandaids
  • Petroleum jelly products help keep wounds clean and prevent them from drying out. This is safer than Neosporin, which can cause allergic reactions and even antibiotic resistance.
  • Pain killers, such as Paracetamol
  • Any prescription medicine

Remember to check with your doctor about what works best for you, even if they're just over-the-counter medication.

4. Sun Protection

  • Sunscreen

Sunburns are nasty souvenirs you wouldn't want to bring home with you. Protect yourself and your loved ones by applying sunscreen with SPF 30. Make sure to apply sunblock at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun or into the pool. Reapply every two hours because sunscreen quickly wears off, especially when sweating or submerged in water.

  • Lip balm

Like your skin, your lips also need to be protected from sun damage. We recommend a lip balm with a minimum SPF of 30 to keep your kissers soft and smooth. Look pool-perfect by picking one with a bit of sun-kissed tint.

  • Sunglasses

Pool fun is all about hanging loose. It can also mean a bit of rough and tumble, especially with the kids around. Do anticipate some horseplay and get yourself a pair of disposable pool sunglasses. So in case you drop or scratch them, you'll be able to keep your cool. There are nice sturdy ones that can provide UV protection at a fraction of the cost of designer sunglasses. Plus, they come in cute styles, too!

  • Wide-brimmed hat

Hats don't just get you in vacation mode; they can also protect the delicate skin on your face and neck from the harsh sun. They can also be great fun to wear.

5. Food & Beverage

  • Cold drinks

Nothing refreshes like a cool drink on a hot day! Get those parched throats drenched with water and juice boxes. You may want to keep these in ice coolers to keep the beverages delightfully cold.

  • Snacks

What's a fun time at the pool without the obligatory snacks? You and your loved ones will surely get ravenous, so throw in some fresh fruit, soft pretzel tips, or granola bars. For heftier appetites, add some filling shrimp cakes or lobster sliders.

6. Protective Must-Haves

  • Swim coverup

A pretty coverup can conveniently get you from the pool to the shop (if you need to buy anything) in no time. From crocheted kaftans and kaftans to sarongs and scarves, a wide array of gorgeous pieces are available in the market.

  • Swim cap

While not all pool rules require you to wear swim caps, these can keep your tresses out of the way, so you can see better while in the water. Also, the pool guys will be super thankful that they won't have to clear clumps of hair out of the pool drains and filters.

  • Pool footwear

Pool footwear may seem an unnecessary expense, but bringing along a good pair can be a smart decision. You wouldn't want yourself or your kids to be walking on wet and warm pool grounds where viruses and fungi can thrive. Swim shoes can protect you from getting icky things such as warts and athlete's foot.

  • Goggles

Pool water will likely have chlorine, which can dehydrate the eyes and cause irritation, blurriness, even a nasty sting. Protect your kids' eyes by getting them quality goggles with a snug, no-leak fit.

  • Life jackets

Even if lifeguards are on duty, it's best for your little ones to be wearing safety flotation devices.

7. Requisites for the Laid-Back Life

  • A good read

Whether it's a book, magazine, or online reading material that suits your fancy, reading can be one of the most relaxing activities you can do by the pool. You can even do this while lounging on a floate! Just don't doze off, as you might fall into the water!

  • Massage creams

If you're lucky enough to have massage services available at the poolside, go for it! It's about time you enjoy yourself with a deeply relaxing rub that can soothe your tired muscles. Bring your own massage creams if your skin is sensitive to fragrances and other chemicals.

  • Pool toys

A good book or a tranquil massage may not be your kids' idea of fun. Keep them happy with a few pool toys. Some great examples are pool balls and pool noodles.

Confidence: The Ultimate Pool Essential

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