PMS: 10 Tips That Save the Day

PMS: 10 Tips That Save the Day

PMS is no fun, that’s for sure! With the bleeding and the cramping and the bloating and the mood swings… Well, really, the list goes on and on. It’s time to beat the unwanted effects at their own game with these Top Ten Tips:


  1. Don’t skimp on your sleep! It may be hard enough to do even without the period stress but staying well rested will help keep you feeling refreshed and coherent, even as the period pains threaten to be a downer. Plus, the more sleep your body has, the better equipped to fight and stay well (hello, immune system!) it is.
  2. Stretch it out. Feeling cramped? Feeling those pangs of period pain? Some light stretching will help with all of that and ease some muscle ache.
  3. Don’t stress about the leaks. Tampons and pads, while also uncomfortable, don’t exactly offer complete peace of mind when it comes to some bleeding leaking through. Opt for PantyProp’s leak-proof underwear instead to stay clean and dry without worry.
  4. Eat a little healthier. Yup, your period may give you those sugar or salt cravings, but to really stay healthy and feeling your best, this is the time of the month when you want to especially pay attention to your diet. Reduce your caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake and really ramp it up with the proteins (i.e. meat, eggs, fish, beans) to fortify your body.
  5. Vitamins are your friend! You’ll want to further arm your body with what it needs by taking vitamin B! or magnesium supplements. Iron supplements are a good idea, too, as if you are a heavy bleeder, you may become slightly iron deficient.
  6. Soak up some warmth. Ease away your aches and cramps with a hot water bottle rested on your uterus. Or wrap your whole, sore body in heat and soak in a hot bath. Throw in some scented salts to really relax.
  7. Don’t underestimate ibuprofen. An anti-inflammatory is your friend. It will kill cramps and reduce extra swelling and you will be grateful.
  8. You might not want to, but exercise. While you’re feeling sluggish and the thought of moving around may sound like torture, once you get going, it really isn’t that bad. Exercise, it turns out, gets your heart rate up and combats both emotional and physical PMS symptoms.
  9. Dig up diuretics. Since PMS time can be bloat city (stomach, thighs, face, boobs – all over!) taking a diuretic can help the body lose that water weight (just be prepared to pee a bunch more!)
  10. Track it! Embrace your inner Type A and chart your symptoms. If you start noticing patterns emerge, you may be able to beat them next month before they pop up. And if something worrying is noticed, you have data to talk with your doctor about.


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