How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her Period

How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her Period

Many young girls are terrified about getting their first period. When will it happen? Where? Will it hurt? It’s never too early to educate her about the basic hows and whys. To help ease her period paranoia, here are a few easy ways you can help prepare your daughter!


An easy way to casually talk about puberty with your daughter is through books! Sit down with her and read through period education books dedicated to her age group. These kinds of “handbooks” can help girls learn how to handle everyday hygiene and manage the physical and emotional changes that will occur during the beginning stages of their first period.

First Period Kit

When the day comes you want to make sure she’s prepared! Surprising her with a First Period Kit will give her a sense of relief. The Ruby Love First Period Kit has everything a girl will need to make that time of the month like any other day. The featured item, our period-proof underwear, can be a lifesaver for your daughter! It prevents leaks and can be worn with or without additional protection—hey can absorb up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow when worn alone or up to 6 when paired with our reusable double-sided pad.

Education is Key

Periods can be tough, so making sure she knows how to handle them is essential! Before her first period arrives, it’s very important to sit her down to talk about sanitary items and how to use them. Show her all of her options and share the importance of proper hygiene—this way, she can choose which products she’d feel more comfortable using. Stock up and make sure she knows where they are; she’ll feel comfortable and won’t panic when her period eventually arrives.

Period Tracking Apps

Although the first few years of one’s period can be irregular, it’s important to know generally when it’ll arrive—especially for a teen. No one wants to accidentally leak through their pants at school! By marking the first and last days of her period on a tracking app or a calendar, she’ll be able to have an idea of when it’ll arrive the following month. On days she’s expecting it to arrive she can be prepared by wearing period-proof underwear or make sure she has her mini period kit in her backpack.

Bust Period Myths

A fun way to talk about periods with your daughter is to look up and laugh at some period myths. Make sure she understands that they’re not real. For example:

Myth: It's not safe to swim on your period.

FALSE - you can totally swim on your period and it’s completely safe! Luckily there are products like period-proof swimwear, which allow you to swim on your period comfortably with no tampon required!

By following these few suggestions, your daughter will feel more informed and comfortable with her period and will help get rid of that period paranoia.

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