Be prepared for your first period with our First Period Kit

How to Prepare Her for Her First Period

Going through puberty is something every girl experiences on her journey into growing into a teenager. This can be a difficult and confusing time to navigate for children and parents alike, and we understand the challenges these times bring. This is why we introduced a product that gives your daughter the hygiene products necessary to care for herself, but also informs her of this new time in her life. We introduce our First Period Kit.

Introducing Our First Period Kit:

The perfect introduction to period care for your daughter is our First Period Kit. A bundle of hygiene products and other goodies that will streamline her routine and make her time of the month as easy as possible. Let’s delve into what makes our Kit an essential product for your girl.

Breaking Down Our First Period Kit:

Teen Period Underwear: Equipped with our best-selling period technology, your daughter will be more confident knowing she has all day leak-proof protection without the use of a tampon.

Feminine Hygiene Pads: These feminine hygiene pads provide comfort and reliable protection. Our sanitary pads are crafted with an ultra soft and comfortable design, and are free of any synthetics or additives.

Make A Wish Grow Up Bracelet: Totally adjustable polyester bracelet complete with a macrame knot closing and terminals with two gold filled balls. 12mm Tree Of Life Pendant.

More Inside: Including a Ruby Love relaxing sleep mask, warming gel pad for cramps, an exfoliating bath sponge, a keepsake satin hygiene pouch filled with hygiene essentials and much more!

Period Hacks: 

Try to go to bed an hour earlier. Your body's working overtime during your period and it needs as much time as possible to rest up. So hit the hay a little earlier if possible.

The Monthly Period Kit:

After getting acquainted with our First Period Kit, you can have a bundle of period care goodies delivered monthly to your doorstep! With our Monthly Period Kit, you have the option of a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription in which your girl will receive the bundled goods she needs to fight her time of the month, every month. 

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