Do Tampons Expire?

Do Tampons Expire?

Uh oh! Your period came a few days early, and you forgot to buy tampons during your last shopping trip. You scramble through your house looking for one, and finally, you discover one in your purse. After breathing a sigh of relief, you’re quick to run to the bathroom. STOP!

While that tampon may look safe to use, there’s a chance it’s not! Before you even think about inserting your tampon, ask yourself one question: Is the tampon expired?

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, many women believe that they don’t expire. Unlike food, many of them don’t come with an expiry date so they are believed to be good forever. Let’s be quick to dispel this. TAMPONS DO EXPIRE.

If you wouldn’t put expired food into your body, there’s no reason you should be putting an expired tampon into your body either! Some companies like Tampax include expiration dates on their tampons, but many do not. To be on the safe side, it is good to know that tampons expire after five years.

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If food is past its expiration date, some people might look at it and observe it before ultimately deciding that it looks safe enough. While this is still dangerous, this is not a game you should be playing with your tampon. Once it passes its date of expiration, that tampon shouldn't come nowhere near your vagina! In an example of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” just because your tampon looks fine doesn’t mean it is.

One thing you need to watch out for on your tampons is mold! After your tampons have been sitting around for years, they grow extremely susceptible to mold, especially if you store them in your bathroom. The constant heat and moisture that is created from hot showers make it easy for mold to grow on your tampons. Your first step should be to store your tampons in a cool, dry place.

It might be hard to identify if your tampons have mold on them, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! Even if you’re not sure of how long you’ve had them, buy a new box! If you do end up using a tampon after its expiration date, this could lead to irritation of the vagina or even an infection. You might find that after using an expired tampon, you might have itching or excess discharge. In this case, be sure to see your gynecologist immediately.

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All in all, do tampons expire? YES. When you buy a box, be sure to take note of any expiration date and keep it out of warm, damp areas. Your vagina will thank you!

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