Coming Off the Pill: What Happens and What You Need to Know

Coming Off the Pill: What Happens and What You Need to Know

So you have made up your mind to stop taking birth control. No matter the reason – you want to try for pregnancy, you want to get back on a natural schedule, you were experiencing negative symptoms, anything – you will probably be wondering: What happens next? Just like when you start taking the pill for the first time you experienced some changes, you should be prepared to go through some differences once you come off of it.


Cycle Switch Up!


For the first time in a while, your body will be at the helm of managing your period scheduling. After so long of having an outside regiment controlling hormones and cycles, don’t be surprised if it takes a few rounds of internal ‘guess and check’ for your body to figure a system and run like clockwork. Be aware this may take several months of irregular periods, inconsistent menstruation and associated symptoms. But do not worry – it will even itself back out eventually.


Periods Get a Little More Intense


It does not happen to everyone, but just in case you may want to have a heating pad and some ibuprofen ready. With nothing controlling them medically, your periods may rear up a bit and be heavier and more full of cramps than you were used to on the pill. If your flow is suddenly way stronger than you are used to and/or you find yourself more sensitive to tampons, using PantyProp’s leak-proof undies may be just the ticket to adjust comfortably.


Weight Loss


Just as going on the pill can be associated with gaining weight, so, too, can coming off of it possibly lead to your weight actually going down. Without those added hormones, there is a chance your body will retain less water and less fat.


Acne and Blemishes


On the flip side, you may need to brace yourself for some blemishes coming back. The hormones in the pill have been linked to correcting hormone imbalances that cause acne and so go a long way to having clear skin. Once you stop taking the pill, however, those very hormone levels will most likely go a little out of whack, so do not be surprised if you see redness and pimples you had thought you were long past.




If you find yourself feeling a little, ah, friskier than before, that can be expected. The pill’s hormones have been shown to drive down libido in some women, so feeling a rise in urges after coming off of it is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, this may be very helpful if the reason you stopped using it was to try and become pregnant!


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No two bodies are alike and so no two experiences coming off the pill will be the same. It is important to discuss with your doctor before making any changes and just know that almost no matter what you are experiencing, you surely are not the first and are not going through it alone!



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