Are Organic Period Products Better?

Are Organic Period Products Better?

When it comes to the war on inorganic products, you’ll find that the fight is highly centered on food. Millions and millions of people head to their local grocery store weekly on the hunt for the best organic food. While this fight is highly focused on produce, many people believe it should travel to another category - feminine hygiene. Food seems like such an important thing because it enters the body, but depending on the type of period product you choose to use, whether it is a tampon or menstrual cup, you are also inserting it into the body.


Even with this concept, you’ll find that approximately 70% of American women use tampons and you can probably bet that most of them are not organic. When most people hear that something is not organic, a panic sets in on exactly what has been used on that item. If you go further and think about that item being inserted into your vagina, you might be on the verge of a breakdown. What you probably want to know is one, will using inorganic period products hurt you; two, are organic period products better; and three, what options do you have? Luckily for you, we’re here to answer all of your period questions!


The reason that you might hear the conversation about organic period products come up is because of cotton. One of the biggest crops in the United States, you’d find cotton everywhere. With this comes the fact that cotton is one crop that is usually always treated with pesticides and we’re sure you don’t want pesticides anywhere near your mouth or reproductive organs!


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When you think about tampons and pads which are mostly cotton, this can be a bit scary but let’s remember one thing! Most items in stores have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and since feminine hygiene products fall into the medicinal category, the FDA has to approve them before they go on the market. So to answer the first question of whether using inorganic period products will hurt you, the answer is no!


Even though inorganic period products won’t hurt you, there are still many people who are perturbed by it. To answer the second question about whether organic period products are better for you, the answer will always be yes. There’s a reason why millions of people have switched over to using organic products. Most cotton is grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and while it’s continuously processed, most people don’t want to come into contact with it which leads us to our third question. What options do you have?


When it comes to organic period products, you’ll definitely find them, but you’d have to look a little harder. From cotton pads to tampons, there’s a range that you could choose from, but if you’re still on the fence about the decision, go with an awesome alternative like PantyProp! Just like your regular cotton panties, PantyProp will keep you comfortable and leak-free!


The decision between organic and inorganic period products can get a bit overwhelming especially if everyone around you is on an organic craze. The truth is that inorganic period products ARE safe, but organic period products are definitely a step above! The health of your body and reproductive organs is extremely important so don’t be afraid to second-guess the products you use!


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