5 Tips to Help You Feel Better During Your Period

5 Tips to Help You Feel Better During Your Period

Are you over your period? So are we! Often, there are tons of symptoms that we are stuck with that leave us in pain or fatigued. Who wants to spend 3-7 days feeling their worst? Not you and definitely not us!


If you need a few ideas for how to feel better during your period, look no further! Dealing with high school, extracurriculars, and your period can feel like a lot, but today, we’re all about feeling better!


Drink Water


Water can help with many things, and you definitely want to make sure you’re getting your 8 cups a day. This might seem counterintuitive especially if you’re bloated, but drinking water can actually help you get rid of that bloating! By giving your body water, you’re helping to facilitate that extra water leaving your body.


Light Exercise


If you’re dealing with PMS symptoms like cramping, light exercise can actually help you feel better. No one is telling you to go to an intense CrossFit class, but a few workouts can actually be beneficial. Yoga and stretching are particularly great for loosening the body and diminishing the feeling of cramps. If you’re not a yogi, think of going for a walk, run, and maybe even a swim.


Heating Pads


Cramping and muscle aches are two of the most unfavorable symptoms that come with having your period. We’re all trying to get rid of the pain, and you can ease it with a heating pad. By adding heat to the area, it will help soothe the muscles. In turn, this will help your body relax and minimize the amount and strength of the cramps.


Don’t Drink Caffeine


Even if you’re in your teens, you’ve probably just discovered the wonders of caffeine. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts might be your favorite stores to frequent but hold off! While you have your period, you’re definitely going to want to stay away from the caffeine. Caffeine will actually make you feel worse while on your period. It not only causes you to retain water which will exacerbate your bloating, but it can also heighten the feeling of muscle aches and cramps.


Use Period Panties


We all get that anxious feeling when we have our periods. These worries come from possibly getting our period at the worst possible time. Who wants to worry about stains or leaks? Who wants to worry about having to excuse themselves so they can go to the bathroom and change their pad or tampon? With period panties like those you’d find at Ruby Love, you no longer have to worry about that!


Ruby Love period panties are available in a variety of styles perfect for teens. While teens don’t usually like the basic, solid colored panties, there’s a variety of bold, fun prints to choose from! With period panties, you don’t have to worry about leaks or the constant changes.


We doubt that anyone feels 100% while they have their period, but there’s no reason you should feel miserable! We’re all for making life easier, and if you follow these tips, you’re already five steps closer to a more relaxed period.

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