4 Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Period

4 Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Period

We all know the foods you shouldn't be eating on your period, but do you know the day to day things you shouldn't be doing while on your period. Some of these activities will only make your period feel worse, but the others you probably shouldn't do ever... but hey, we don't judge! Keep on reading to learn about all the things you should avoid during your period.


Drink Coffee

We know how much you love that morning cup of coffee! You know, the one thing that gets you through the Monday morning meeting that could’ve been an email. But we’re sad to say that during your period isn't the best time to be chugging a venti iced latte. We are so sorry to break this news to you. But there's a good reason! Caffeine is known to worsen cramps and bloating which can happen in the first few days of your period. So you just have to ask yourself what's worse, feeling all the cramps or being under-caffeinated.


Skip Workouts

Whatever you do, DO NOT, and we repeat DO NOT, skip your workouts! Just because you are on your period doesn't mean you need to drop everything and stop doing the activities you enjoy doing. In fact, exercising is great to do when you are on your period. Exercising releases endorphins, which can make you feel happier, a great way to combat those monthly period blues. There are even period-proof leggings you can wear to work out in during your period! They are made by Ruby Love and the leggings can hold up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow!


Get A Breast Exam

During your period, your breast tissue can be very sensitive. This is because during the time of your period, hormones go all out of whack which causes breast tenderness. The changes in progesterone and estrogen cause breast tenderness, not the ideal situation for an annual breast exam. Also during the time of your period, it is more likely to show cystic breast changes on the exam. This creates unnecessary worry during the exam. So if you have a breast exam lined up with your time of the month… maybe you should change it.


Pull An All-Nighter

I mean when is an all-nighter ever a good idea? Never. The answer is never. But during your period it’s even worse! You’re bound to experience some fatigue while on your period because of your body working overtime. Staying up later than usual or pulling an all-nighter is also known to increase the stress hormone in your body called cortisol. And who needs that kind of stress in their life!? Not you! This means that your body needs to rest as much as possible. SO if you have the choice between staying up all night to finish a project and going to bed… just go to bed. You need it.

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