Benefits Of Period Underwear & Swimwear

Benefits Of Period Underwear & Swimwear

Did you know that period panties and swimwear has a ton of awesome benefits? You didn’t? Well if you've been on the fence about whether or not to invest in a few pairs of period panties or a period swimsuit, listen up because you’re about to learn about why exactly you should be using them.



Period products are BAD for the environment. People don't realize the impact that these products have on the earth and its time to make your period more sustainable. But people flush their tampons down the toilet all the time, right? But does anyone ever think about what happens after the flushing? Well if they don't get stuck in the pipes in your home first, then they move on to our sewer systems and our waterways. Tampons also do not break down as toilet paper does. Toilet paper is designed to breakdown when flushed. Tampons are designed to soak up the liquid and stay intact. Some water systems workers have even said that tampons show up in treatment plants still completely whole. This just shows that they are not good for us or for our environment.



Let's face it, period products are expensive! We have to spend so much on period products every month! From pads, tampons, ibuprofen, to new underwear when you inevitably leak, all of it costs money, A LOT of money! And we are paying for all this stuff monthly. It’s not a one time purchase. Period panties can be used many times before having to be replaced. ! They go in the wash just like normal underwear and bam! You’re all set. No, it won't stop the cramps so you'll still have to buy ibuprofen (if that's your jam) but at least it’s less of an expense. If you’re really shy when buying period products (not that you should be) but if you invest in a few pairs of period panties you can totally avoid that awkward last minute trip to the convenience store to buy only period products and chocolate.



Period underwear is a great alternative to using tampons. We all know that tampons can be a bit scary sometimes. With the risks of toxic shock syndrome, the long term effects of harmful chemicals or even irrational fears like a tampon getting stuck, the idea of using a tampon can be daunting. So when the time comes that you've planned a trip the same week of your period, but you also want to be able to dive head first into that amazing pool at the resort you will not need a tampon when using period swimwear (Like the ones that PantyProp makes!). Even if you DO decide to suck it up and use a tampon, there are so many chemicals in tampons that we don't even know about because period companies aren't required by law to tell us what chemicals are used. And a lot of the times, these chemicals are carcinogens, which cause cancer. No one wants to knowingly insert carcinogens in their body!

The bottom line of all of this is that period panties have a lot more benefits than you thought right? So why not invest in a few pairs? As we’ve learned, it couldn't hurt… it could only help!

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