Do You Get Pimples Before Your Period?

Do You Get Pimples Before Your Period?

You wake up to the sun shining, and you can already tell it’s going to be a good day! After lazing around in bed for a few minutes, you get up ready to start your morning routine. When you walk in front of the mirror, your day instantly goes from good to bad!

There’s not one or two but a cluster of three pimples forming on your chin and you’re immediately reminded of your impending period! Do you get pimples before your period? Let’s dive into the details!

First, we’re hitting the hormones! Many people associate testosterone with men, but the hormone is found in both men and women! Testosterone not only helps boost your sex drive, but it aids in building muscle mass as well. Another thing that testosterone is highly responsible for is acne! Testosterone is an androgen, and the presence of this hormone is what causes breakouts.

When talking about a woman’s body, you’ll often hear estrogen and progesterone, but many women, or people in general, don’t know that it’s actually testosterone which heavily contributes to those breakouts before a woman’s period. Throughout the day, over the course of the week, and during your entire menstrual cycle, your hormone levels are fluctuating. On average, your estrogen levels rise during the week of your period and the days following. Another thing that increases the week after your period is your level of testosterone. While it usually plunges by the week before your period, everyone’s hormone levels are different!

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Mainly, the most significant factors of premenstrual acne are your fluctuating hormones. While estrogen and progesterone are peaking and plunging, testosterone is causing an increase in sebum. Everyone’s skin produces sebum, and this is an oily substance that is associated with acne. While there is a healthy amount your skin can have, an excess of sebum leads to clogged pores which in turn causes those premenstrual breakouts.

So, the fact of the matter is, if you’re getting breakouts before your period and you’re no longer a teen, you’re dealing with hormonal acne. While you might be happy to know why it’s happening, you’re probably even more interested in what you can do to help or prevent it!

While you might be sad to hear it, no fool-proof method or product is going to rid your skin of all acne forever. Rather than looking for a way to eradicate your acne, you just need a few products that will help treat and manage it.

Dermatologists recommend Vitamin A which will prevent your pores from getting clogged by sebum and bacteria. Acne cleansers are also a must in your skincare routine, but opt for products with glycolic acid or salicylic acid. While the glycolic acid will exfoliate the skin, the salicylic acid will help dry out your breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide is another good product ingredient that kills acne-causing bacteria.

Some people might look like they have flawless skin, but everyone experiences a breakout every now and then. If you need a way to manage your premenstrual acne, call up your dermatologist! They can easily prescribe you with a product that will help clear your skin and leave you feeling confident!

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