How Do You Know Your Period Is Coming

How Do You Know Your Period Is Coming

PMS is just one of those facts of life that women just have to endure. Around a week before your period, most women experience an array of premenstrual symptoms; and unfortunately, these symptoms are not very pleasant, but they do provide you with a warning to get your dark pants or leak-free products in order. Here are six signs that your period is just around the corner.


Due to your uterus contracting before it expels its lining, many women experience cramps right before their period starts, and this is a powerful sign that your menstrual flow will be starting soon. Some women get more severe cramps than others, and pain relievers, such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Midol are all popular choices to alleviate this common PMS discomfort.


Did you know that your hormones shift from estrogen and progesterone to more testosterone before and during your period? This sudden shift in hormones may cause acne. Common places these pimples tend to appear are on the chin and forehead. Make sure to keep your face clean during these times and refuse the urge to pop them.


A couple of weeks before your period begins, progesterone levels increase; then, right before your period, the hormones estrogen and progesterone drop. This shift takes a toll on your body, and causes fatigue for many women, right before their period starts. Try to get rest when you can and squeeze in a power nap, if possible.

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The above sudden hormonal shift can also cause uncomfortable bloating before your period. Many women report feeling like a blown up balloon or the marshmallow man during this time. Hang in there! It will pass.


Some women experience spotting every month before their actual period. This could be due to a very light flow before the actual period begins, the imbalance of hormones, or even stress. If you are a woman who spots before her period, PantyProp leak-proof underwear and swimwear would be perfect for you because you wouldn’t have to worry about spotting interfering with your daily activities.


As if the acne, bloating, cramps, spotting, and fatigue were not enough, a lot of women experience extreme mood swings that result in irritability and bad PMS jokes. It is during this time, right before your period strikes, when some of the people closest to you may know to keep their distances. The good news is that this irritability tends to decrease as your flow goes into full swing.

Sore Breasts

Right before your period, you also may notice sore breasts. This can be confusing because a lot of PMS symptoms are also reminiscent of pregnancy, sore breasts are one such common indicator of both early pregnancy and PMS. This makes things a bit more confusing, but some women feel sore breasts every month before their period and view it as a common sign that her menstrual cycle is about to begin.

Although PMS symptoms are not pleasant, they do provide women with a warning that their period will be starting soon. When the bloating, fatigue, and pimples begin, it would be a great time to bust out your PantyProp products without having to worry about possibly staining your pants.

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