Should I Use a Tampon if I Am a Virgin?

Should I Use a Tampon if I Am a Virgin?

OK, so you are nearing your first menstrual cycle or perhaps just started, and now it’s time to weigh in your feminine hygiene options.


For starters, any girl who has her period, regardless if she has had sex, can use a tampon. As far as the hymen breaking, it just depends on the individual. Your hymen can tear or break from rigorous exercise or potentially using a tampon; however, a torn or broken hymen does not cause a girl to lose her virginity, so rest easy!


So the choice is yours: use a tampon or pad to combat your menstrual flow. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately the decision will just depend on whatever feels most comfortable. Many girls who are athletes prefer tampons as pads can be rather messy when you’re moving that much and a bathroom isn’t an option.


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Using a tampon for the first time can take a bit of practice, but most girls opt for a tampon with an applicator to make usage easier. Generally, tampons include instructions, but don’t be dismayed if it takes you a couple tries to find the most comfortable position for you. Opt for a slender or slim tampon on your first take and relax, this will make the application far easier and pleasant.


One word of warning, although uncommon, toxic shock syndrome or TSS, is a possible condition when using tampons. Tampons can hold staph bacteria, and too much of it can release toxins into the bloodstream. Always wash your hands before inserting or changing a tampon and change frequently to avoid TSS.


However, if all that prodding and poking freaks you out or sounds like too much work—we get it!—try PantyProp. This lined underwear is equipped with dri-tech mesh technology, which seals in any extra menstrual blood. The lining has a built-in absorbent organic cotton gusset, perfectly angled to collect your flow.


Your flow is unique, and how you manage it is completely up to you. If you do omit the tampon and prefer a pad, PantyProp is a must-have to avoid leakage and any embarrassment at that.


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