Could Medical Marijuana Replace a Women’s Monthly Advil Desire?

Could Medical Marijuana Replace a Women’s Monthly Advil Desire?

Could Medical Marijuana Replace a Women’s Monthly Advil Desire?


Menstruation, or your period, occurs when the uterus sheds its lining once a month. In other words, your body releases tissue it no longer needs. Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the vagina. It is a natural and normal body process for females as they become women and mature physically.


The Source of Women's Desire for Advil: Period Cramps


As many women have experienced, this process does not only involve the shedding of the uterus’ lining and blood… but also many women throughout the world experience pain and discomfort as well. These period pains are known as cramps. Most women who feel cramps, start feeling them about one to two years after her period starts. This pain is generally felt in the lower back. Period cramps can range from being extremely mild to severe. Some women experience an upset stomach while still others experience vomiting.


The Medicinal Use of Marijuana for Period Pains


Many states in America are moving towards legalizing marijuana for “personal” use yet others are moving more towards the medical use only. Many doctors throughout the world already prescribe the use of marijuana to several of their patients, specifically for cancer. Medical marijuana is prescribed because it helps to relieve pain and nausea. It also treats poor appetite, weight loss caused by a chronic illness, and can help with seizure disorders. Naturally, more people are beginning to think about marijuana's role in treating menstrual cramps. Being that muscle spasms could be a role in these painful cramps, medical marijuana causes the relaxation of the muscles responsible for cramps which will help ease the pain and discomfort.


The Right Type of Cannabis to Treat Period Cramps


Although pain is an approved condition for the majority of the medical marijuana programs, menstrual cramps are normally not specified. Also keep in mind, it is not just about smoking the “weed”, there are in fact specific things you need to look for within the marijuana you choose to obtain if you opt to use Mary Jane to treat your symptoms. High levels of THC, or the part that gives off the “high” feeling is actually not what you need. (Surprising right!?) You actually want or need a strain that is high in CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid that helps with pain, seizures, inflammation, tumor reduction and a bunch of other medical benefits.


How Marijuana Works to Ease Menstrual Cramps


Even if cannabis is not necessarily a pain blocker, it can definitely reduce the awareness of the pain. Which will be a huge help for those 3-7 days a month. Medicinal marijuana potentially helps you relax or “chill” during your period, it can also assist in getting your mind off of the fact that your uterus is destroying itself (sounds pretty harsh when you put it in that sense), but thinking about other things can help produce happy thoughts which can in fact help relieve some stress your menses could be causing. One of the main uses for medicinal cannabis is for the relief of pain… which is something women who have severe cramps desperately need! So if you are ever legally around marijuana while you are about to start or on your cycle it is in fact okay to “hit the bong”.


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