What are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

What are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

What are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

A lot of women want to know what's going on with their bodies when they suspect that they are pregnant. They might be a little bit scared about this situation, but that's not a problem. We are going to let you know more about the early symptoms of pregnancy. So read on to find out more about this.

Missed Period, Swollen Breasts and Morning Sickness

A woman might be pregnant if her period is more than a week late. Women with regular menstrual cycles might find this fact a little bit misleading over time. If your breasts are swollen or tender, you might be pregnant. This happens because of some hormonal changes that might be happening in your body. Since your body will work hard to adjust to its hormonal changes, you might experience some discomfort down the road. You might also have nausea and this might happen without or with vomiting. Morning sickness can be huge early sign that you may be pregnant.

Fatigue, Cramps and Spotting

Fatigue is another early symptom of pregnancy. You might feel sleepy as higher amounts of progesterone enter your body. Increased urination is another sign of pregnancy for any woman out there. Pregnancy causes the amount of blood in your body to increase, which produces more desire to urinate over time. You might also experience cramping or spotting down the road. This tends to be called implantation bleeding, which happens as early as 6 days after an egg in your body has been fertilized.

Milky Discharge

You might also see a little bit of a discharge from your vagina. This discharge is caused by an increased growth of many cells that line your vagina. You don’t require any kind of treatment for this type of discharge, which is usually pretty normal during pregnancy. If you feel some kind of itching, burning, or bad smell related to the discharge, call you doctor so they can diagnose what's going on with you. Your doctor will work hard to determine whether you have a bacterial infection or yeast infection in your body.

As you can see, the early symptoms of pregnancy are not anything to worry about. These changes are quite normal in your body. You might have missed your period, but this does not mean that you are automatically pregnant. You should talk with your doctor about these early symptoms of pregnancy and the doctor may recommend that you take a special pregnancy test that is highly accurate in determining if you're indeed pregnant..

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