Why Your Sex Drive Increases During Your Period

Why Your Sex Drive Increases During Your Period

Why Your Sex Drive Increases During Your Period


Many women feel that their sex drive increases during their period. If you are one among them and have questioned why your sex drive increases during your period, you have certainly stumbled upon the right place.


Coming to a definitive conclusion as to why this occurs is tough because there are lots of conflicting information out there. Not to say that your feelings aren't real because there are indeed many women like you who have observed the connection between the phase of your menstrual cycle and your libido.


Sex Drive and Your Menstrual Cycle


One theory suggests that as a woman, when you are in your child-bearing years, fluctuations can occur with your sex drive throughout your menstrual cycle but may be strongest during your monthly bleeding. If this is occurring with you, then you first need to understand how your body releases hormones during your menstrual cycle. In this theory it is suggested that a woman's sex drive is highest mid-cycle or about 14 days before her next period. During this time your estrogen levels are surging. It’s at this time when your testosterone levels also add to your sex drive to a huge extent. As far as ovulation is concerned, this is considered to be one of the most fertile periods for a woman. This is also the time when the chances of conception remain higher than other phases of the menstruation cycle and may explain why your libido increases during this time.


Libido and Your Period


As per many researchers, it is found that although some women experience a height in sexual desire still other women can feel less sexual during this phase of the menstrual cycle. This may be because they are suffering from PMS ( premenstrual syndrome) symptoms. Common PMS symptoms can include painful menstrual cramps and mood swings.


But contrary to that, some women can actually feel a huge surge in their sex drive when they experience their period. This can happen for many reasons but at the moment the role of hormones is not fully understood, so much more research is needed. Perhaps the reason is psychological; the possibility of pregnancy is low during menstruation and perhaps you feel that it is safer to engage in sex. Maybe it's your body trying to signal to you that it needs to relieve pelvic congestion and cramps, and an orgasm, through the release of endorphins, helps to alleviate these symptoms.


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