Menstruation, Period Hacks, & Period Panties For You Explained

Menstruation, Period Hacks, & Period Panties For You Explained

One of the biggest alterations that take place in a girl on puberty is menstruation. Periods typically start between 9 to 13 years of age. Every young lady has a unique experience with her period, given that adult females have periods for nearly 35 to 45 years of their lives, how do they manage? Well, Periods are associated with a certain degree of discomfort and inconvenience. Nevertheless, if wondering how to stay comfortable during your period, you have to consider these menstruation and period hacks to help ease you and be comfortable while at your period.

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1. Eat Dark Chocolate

As you are losing lots of magnesium during your period, dark chocolate will ultimately assist you to regain the nutrients that slip out your body at the menstrual time. And though some candy bars are packed with unnecessary sugar and caffeine, it does not mean you should not take. Instead, go for the bars cooked from natural ingredients, or even bake it using cacao at your home.


2. Have multiple orgasms

Are you experiencing some migraines, period pain, and cluster headache? Well, getting down and dirty will ultimately relieve the symptoms. Usually, the uterus contracts on an organism that increases blood flow and the brain is automatically stroked with a natural chemical that relieves pain.


3. Drink plenty of water

During your period, take as much water as possible as it is easy to get hydrated when you are losing much blood. And water will assist you ease nearly all the common symptoms like fatigue and bloating. Sugary energy drinks are not good, and therefore, you should try as much as possible not to take them as it will get you feel worse.


4. Try Vinyasa flow yoga

Do you often experience premenstrual symptoms such as lack of energy and cramps? Well, there is no doubt as engaging in an exercise like vinyasa flow yoga when approaching your period will greatly help you. The practice lets the body be moved fluidly and gently with no impact.

5. Resist caffeine

Are you a fun of caffeine? Well, sorry for the bad news as these makes your PMS symptoms worse. During your period, you should avoid taking coffee or if an addict and experience splitting headache when you completely skip, have a little and switch to chai tea for the better part of the day


6. Eat less salt

On your period, avoid taking much salt as it makes your body retains much water which as a result leads to un-comfortable bloating. Finally, when you are trying-out in the kitchen, utilize sodium less than what a recipe requires.

So have you been wondering how to make yourself comfortable during your period? Well, the above menstrual packs will not only alleviate the discomfort and inconvenience you have been going through but also make you proud the way you are. Isn’t that amazing!


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