Is it Necessary for Women to Cut Pubic Hair?

Is it Necessary for Women to Cut Pubic Hair?

In this day and age going hairless seems to be the major trend. But, is it necessary for women to cut pubic hair? Or, is it all hype sold by the mainstream media. Let’s take a closer look and see what we find.




Going Natural

One might assume that since pubic hair grows naturally on most women, then maybe it’s best to just let it grow. This mentality has worked for centuries, so nothing says that it’s necessary to trim or shave it. But there are some points to consider when allowing to grow freely.



Hair naturally holds moisture and body oils. So it only makes sense that with these elements will also come potential odor issues. If going natural is your thing, then be sure to keep the pubic region clean and dry to help avoid embarrassing odors.



There is also a risk of accumulating forms of bacteria that could cause infection in the genital area. Again, this can be minimized with proper hygiene. But, it’s something to take into consideration.


Hair Pulling

In certain situations there is the possibility of the pubic hair getting caught in your zipper, or some other outside object that could inflict a great deal of pain. We can assume this possibility is rare, but still exists. With a little caution, accidental hair pulling can be avoided all together.


Body Lice (crabs)

There’s no need to elaborate on this one. If this is a concern of yours, you might want to be more concerned with your sexual partners than your pubic hair.




This option is easily summed up in just a few words. Completely shaving the area is the most sanitary option, but also requires the most maintenance and you run the risk of nicking the surrounding genital area while shaving. If this option interests you proceed with caution.



This option can be considered the middle path in regards to pubic hair maintenance. It’s somewhat the best of both worlds. You can give the pubic area a well manicured look without the risk that comes with shaving the area completely. This will minimize the potential for odors to form, but will give a somewhat more attractive appearance to the pubic area.



We started with the simple question, “Is it necessary for women to cut pubic hair?” and we have looked at the different options that are available. So, now that you know a little more about the subject, what grooming method will you choose?

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