What Exactly Do Pantyliners Do?

What Exactly Do Pantyliners Do?

Sometimes the choices in the period aisle can get overwhelming, right? There are so many different options and items you can choose from and majority of the time, you look at certain things and just can’t understand what it is or why you would even need it. The role of sanitary napkins or pads, is to provide protection during your menstrual cycle but then here lies the bigger question… So what are pantyliners used for?

Did you know there are period panties now made with a built-in pantyliner? The great thing about pantyliners is that you can use them at different times in your period. Some women choose to wear a pantyliner every single day. Others never use them at all. It’s an issue of personal preference. Pantyliners could be described as the sister to a pad, they are very similar in their basic construction. Yet, they are usually much thinner and often narrower than pads.This is what makes them more comfortable and flexible to wear but it is also what makes them absorb less liquid than the normal pad.They're great for light discharge and everyday cleanliness.


The majority of the women who wear them every day, don’t even notice they’re there. Pantyliners are great for protecting your underwear! They absorb odors as well as keep you feeling clean and dry every day, especially in the heat! It is normal to experience vaginal discharge throughout your cycle. You bleed during your period, and you may have also noticed a white or yellowish discharge at other times within the month. This is where a pantyliner could potentially become helpful. You might also wear one when you think your period is on the way, or if you spot at the end of your period. They are generally unsuitable for menstruation of medium to heavy flow, which would require them to be changed more often.


Just like pads, pantyliners vary in thickness and sizes according to the needs and body type of the person wearing it. An ultra-thin pantyliner is usually ideal for light daily discharge. It’s so thin and flexible that you overlook the fact that you’re even wearing one! A regular pantyliner is more absorbent than an ultra-thin pantyliner. It generally can be used to protect from heavier daily discharge, mostly during ovulation. Large pantyliners are longer, wider and more absorbent than the others. They are a good option to consider at the beginning or end of your period. Some pantyliners come with aloe or cotton extract, these are the perfect solution for girls with sensitive skin.


Always be sure to change your liner daily throughout the day. It is always a good idea to keep extras in your purse, everyone would rather be safe than sorry! For underwear with built-in pantyliners visit rubylove.com!

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