Relax, You Can Go Swimming With A Pad

Relax, You Can Go Swimming With A Pad

Two of the most frequently asked questions are: “can I swim on my period?” and “can I swim with a pad?”


The short answer to both is: Yes, of course. Why not? Especially with a period-proof swim bottom from Ruby Love!


Ruby Love is the only period-approved swimwear for period swimming made for use with pads.


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There's nothing that can happen to your body when you swim on your period that can't happen when you swim at any other time. Unless you're highly anemic and prone to loss of consciousness during your menstrual cycle, there's no reason to stay out of the water.

Now, there is some controversy on whether or not you ought to wear a pad. There seems to be some urban legend-based fear that a pad in water will swell up, turn into a misshapen blob, fall out of your suit, and fill the pool with menstrual blood.


I can say from experience, this won't happen.


The truth of the matter is it's perfectly fine to wear a sanitary pad when you go swimming. And if you do, there are a few tips to help everything go smoothly.

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1. Wear the pad that will accommodate your flow.

Many women find that their flow lessens when they're in the water, so they chose to go light. Water pressure may decrease your flow, but remember that you'll be stepping out of the water at some point. Just choose the pad that you'd normally be comfortable wearing, provided it doesn't have wings. You probably don't want the plastic flaps visible for all the world to see.


2. Take extra precautions to hold your pad in place.

Water can make the adhesive on your pad even less effective than normal. You can wear swim shorts to try to hold things in place, but your safest bet is to wear a product like Ruby Love swimwear. Ruby Love's full line of period bathing suits are designed to be worn in water, and have additional features to keep your pad from shifting, even if the adhesive fails. They also prevent side leakage, so you'll be protected both in and out of the water. It holds your pad perfectly in place.


Another advantage that comes from using a specially designed swimsuit bottom is that it conceals the fact that you're wearing a pad at all. If you're worried about waddling along the edge of the pool, feeling like you've got a diaper packed in your suit, play it safe and go with our period-proof swimwear.


3. Change your pad frequently.

You'll need to change your pad a little more often than you normally would, especially if you're going in and out of the water. No matter how good your pad is, it's eventually going to hold more water than it can absorb, and that can get uncomfortable. It may go without saying, but always change your pad once more when you're done in the water for the day. A Ruby Love suit will prevent leaks, but no one wants to sit on a wet pad for the ride home.


Bonus Tip: I bring a zip-seal plastic bag in case there's no safe disposal place for a used pad. Trust me when I say you don't want to find yourself in a beach-side outhouse or pool locker room with a water-logged pad and nowhere to put it.


So feel free to swim on your period, and wear a pad if you want to. Just take these few precautions, go out, and enjoy!

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