The Pregnant Man

The Pregnant Man

Can a man have a baby?

According to Yahoo Health and other news articles.....

Theoretically, Yes, a man could receive a uterus implant, carry a baby to full term, and give birth.


In Ohio, The Cleveland Clinic is set out to make this entirely all possible in the near future. According to, the Cleveland Clinic is still recruiting participants for Uterine Transplantation for the Treatment of Uterine Factor Infertility. The Cleveland Clinic recently made national news when it announced it is preparing to perform a surgery to remove the uterous of deceased women and implant the uteri into women who suffer from uterine factor infertility (UFI). So the burning question amongst human society is, if a uteri surgery can be performed to women born without a uterus, can this surgery be successful on men.


Now, Now , Now, if you are not a supporter, and before you jump to negative thoughts, let's think about it for a second. Women have fought for equal rights for years. Pregnancy has always been the controversary of employment and careers for years because of maternity time off, and pregnancy sickness. Sooooooooooo what if? Just What if, men would have to deal with these issues as well. What if men started to really feel the onset of pregnancy systems and have to deal? What if men knew what is was like to not be able to capture your pre-pregnancy body back immediately after birth? What if they realized it was impossible to just snap back to being your great self hours after birth? This could be a revolution, possibly the turn of the genders.


The more positive note would suggest that men can carry a baby for a woman if she was totally impossible to do so. Millions of women every year try very hard to have a baby, some successful and others not. What if a women who was unable to carry a baby, but had the option to ask her husband, brother, father, or uncle to do it for her? This woud be revolutionary and relieve major stress and depression from many women. On a lighter note, sometimes the women is the bread-winner in a family. The family relies heavily on the wifes salary. With this surgery, it would allow a couple to make a decision based on the better person in the marriage to provide the birth.


They are all great points written above. But does the positive outweigh the negative? This is all in your personal opinion.

Either way, babies need to be born for the world to exist and continue.

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