Gym essentials for women

14 Gym Essentials for Women

You go, girl! You're sticking to your promise to make this year a banner year for your health. So you're staying away from all the nasty carbs and sweets and eating healthier. You're also making sure you get enough H20 and quality Zzzs. And, of course, you're no longer sweating the small stuff. However, there's one thing that you need to "break into a sweat" for. That's right; you still have to hit the gym! But no worries—we've got your back with these 14 gym essentials for women. So, let's get down to it!

What to bring to the gym

1. Phone+keys+wallet

If there's a trio you absolutely can't leave the house without, it's your mobile phone, wallet (with your cards and cash), and house and car keys. Always double-check if you have all these items before heading out the door. Keep them safe while working out by going to a gym that has one-time codes. Another option is to bring your own combination lock, which can also help you identify your locker location more easily.

2. A top-notch exercise outfit 

Our women folks didn’t have it this good. Back in the day, they either had to choose between drab-looking but functional gym attire or attractive activewear. Fortunately, we're better off with all sorts of fancy innovations in textile and clothing technology that can create breathable, absorbent, and well-fitted workout duds. Today, you can look all cute and stylish in gym clothes that work as hard as you do! For instance, Ruby Love Athletics offers on-fleek, smart period apparel that enhances performance with lightweight and absorbent fabric for low or high-intensity training. Ruby Love's one-piece gymnastics outfit, running shorts, and leggings feature a patent-pending "floating gusset" that's discreet and specially designed for optimal movement.

3. Comfy gym shoes

It's super important to wear the right kind of shoes when working out. However, shopping for trainers can seem like rocket science, what with so many choices available. Well, you don't have to apply to the NASA Academy if it isn't all that appealing to you. The key is to use different trainers for different workouts to get the specific support and protection you need. For example, when you're doing cardio, you'll want lightweight, cushy trainers to soften the impact of all those spins and kicks. On the other hand, lifting heavy weights will require special flat shoes that will prevent slipping and allow you a better grip on the floor.

4. Headbands

Stop the sweat from dripping down your face—and cramping your style—by wearing a fashionable headband. This accessory can also be a great way to add some chic retro vibe to your overall look.

5. Change of clothes (and shoes to match!)

Imagine arriving at the gym and realizing that you've left your post-exercise outfit at home. Catastrophic, right? How can you ensure that you can still head on to your next destination after your workout? When preparing for your change of clothes the night before, you may want to put them in a highly visible place (stress on "highly," please) instead of hanging them in your closet. Bring matching shoes, particularly if you need to go back to the office or attend an event that needs dressier footwear.

6. Towels 

Perspiration can be a badge of all the hard work you're putting in. But it's more likely that you'd want to look sweaty-pretty than pretty sweaty. So stay calm with an ultra-absorbent cotton towel to mop your body dry. In addition, have a smaller towel within easy reach to wipe sweat from gym equipment before, during, and after using them.

7. Water bottle

A sports or water bottle in hand isn't just a cool accessory that says, "I work out." More importantly, it allows you to re-hydrate throughout the day wherever you may be, including at the gym. 

8. Portable charger

Even if your fitness club has outlets for charging, a portable charger can help you move about with ease from one exercise machine to another.

Woman preparing for a work out

9. Music (on your phone or Mp3 player) 

Get into your unique groove by bringing your own sounds to the gym. That'll give you more choices if you find yourself tuning out from the music on the floor. You're also likely to be more motivated with songs that you enjoy listening to. Have a good listen with quality headphones that will stay on you even as you bob about.

10. Personal care items

If you have sensitive skin or hair, consider bringing your own shampoo and soap instead of using whatever's available in the shower area. Throw in your deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste with the rest of your toiletries. These should keep your breath and pits smelling sweet all day.

11. Hair accessories

Your hair doesn't have to tumble along with your aerobic twists and turns. Pull your strands—and yourself—together by using elastics or hairpins. Get a neater look with a wide-toothed comb.

12. Shower slippers

Gym showers are damp places that can be breeding grounds for bacteria. We know it may be TMI (yup, that's too much information). But girl, it is what it is. You don't have to ditch the gym entirely, though. Instead, think about using shower slippers exclusively for the gym.

13. Personal exercise tools 

Bringing your own resistance bands, lifting gloves and straps, yoga mats or blocks, etc., will allow you to have a smooth exercise routine. You need not wait for your turn at the gym, and you can be sure you have what you need.

14. Heart rate monitor 

Keep tabs on your progress with a heart rate monitor, especially when doing cardio or lifting weights. This gadget tells you how fast your heart is beating, enabling you to exercise at the right pace.

The Finishing Touch

So, you’ve got your gym essentials for women down pat. Just one last thing before you go: know that you're doing great. You've mustered enough courage to make it this far. So kudos to you! You're now on the road to better health —and definitely more fabulosity! Because, as you are right now, you're real fine, girl. All the rest that's coming are just bonuses to the wonderful being that you already are. And this means you only deserve to live more and worry less. 

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