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Hope For Haiti


In recent months, the deportation of many haitian residents in Domenican Republic was discussed on the news.

Many of the families that were facing deportation had small innocent children as well. 

It is already very hard to live in the world. To try to  maintain a life by means of survival. We can't imagine having to wake up one day, and be told we need to move to another country. To be advised that I am no longer allowed to reside in a country that we only knew to be home.

This would be a disrespect of ,not only my rights, but also my person. This is what is being done to the innocent people.

Though we cannot help an entire country by ourselves, we can assist with the long rode ahead. 

The news of this unfair deporation brought us to think about the poor women who have no choice to use feminine products when they add to life through childbrith. We wanted to help im anyway. So after much research and deciding on the proper  relief organization:


We have chosen to donate items for "Birthing Kits" quarterly to the following Organization:


Hope for Haiti


We encourage you to help out as well.

A small gesture for a person in need, can help out greatly.

Some Things Should Go Unpunished


Women's Prison Association


We read an article from a former prisoner that hurt our heart, she said "women on their menstrual cycle are ashamed, and not given the proper tools to handle their periods." It is documented that the women sometimes have to share 5 pads per week, and go for days without being able to change. Causing the soiled pad to fall out from the heaviness of the blood" Though these women are in prison, it is still a natural cause amongst women to menstruate. This bodily function should not be treated as a sin.


A percentage of our sales will be donated quarterly to :

Women's Prison Association