The leak-proof path through puberty.

Equip your teen for every period to come with our comprehensive monthly

kit. Period essentials, special keepsakes, and fun surprises, all to help her 
stay safe, confident, and simply happy to be herself.


Monthly Period Kit



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Safe and Trusted

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Inside Each Kit

Cosy Socks
Period-Proof Teen Underwear
Keepsake Box
Feminine Hygiene
Hair Ties + more
Cosy Pouch
Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Keepsake Satin
Pad Pouch
Grow Up
Q&A Period
Sanitary Pads
Show More many more surprises for your teen!

Our monthly period kits 
ship by the 15th

— Expected domestic delivery is between the 18th to 27th 

— Expected international delivery is between the 24th to 30th

A Simple Solution

"My daughter loves her Ruby Love underwear. As a mother

of a 13 year old, I want to personally thank whoever made

this for young girls. It makes a big difference. I will be

purchasing the swimwear next."


A Simple Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is relationship therapy?

Every relationship goes through rough patches. But when a couple can’t find their own way through difficult times, a trusted professional offers a safe space to discuss and work through thorny challenges.

How does it work?

You will engage primarily in ‘talk therapy’ for 50 minutes a week, at my offices in North London. We can also conduct sessions by Zoom or another video-calling platform. I don’t take sides or make decisions for clients. I am a fair-minded professional who helps individuals and couples work things through, interceding when necessary. I also have a range of tools, tasks and assignments couples can practice on their own between sessions. My approach is temperate, yet direct.

Is my problem fixable?

Only you can decide that. I often work with couples when an affair or infidelity has driven them to seek counselling. Other people need help through key life stage changes such as marriage, children, retirement, deaths of parents, and unforeseen life events. All can have a dramatic impact on our wellbeing and our relationships.

What are the results?

There is no guarantee of the outcome – that is up to the couple to decide. Some couples find common ground after only a few sessions. Other issues may be more complex, and clients will engage for a number of months. My rule of thumb is to work towards key insight and noticeable change after about 12 to 15 sessions. Couples often reconnect and move forward; some decide to separate and move on. Whatever the challenges, you will find a safe forum to be heard and understood.

Is counselling right for me?

I work exclusively with individuals and couples on problems associated with their love relationships – whether you are in a relationship, or not. You might be newly together, in a long-term relationship, gay or straight; and together we will find an approach that suits your individual needs and goals.

How do we start?

The first step is an introductory assessment where we will discuss why you want counselling, and you can assess if I am the right fit for you. Once we begin, we will have regular reviews to assess how the therapy is progressing.

How much does it cost?

I work on a sliding scale. Fees can be agreed following your initial assessment session (£85) when we agree you want to proceed with counselling.

Cosy Socks